What’s new at Hubpay for Business: A refreshed design and superior experience for managing your payments

Single login to each of your business accounts, add user access and authorisation rights, and lock in exchange rates.

Single login to each of your business accounts, add user access and authorisation rights, and lock in exchange rates.

Send money
Send money
Send money

A new look to show up and stand out for our customers.

You spotted it, we refreshed our brand. We didn’t stray too far from our founding purple, but wanted something that reflects how hard we fight for our customers. Bold. Resolute. Familiar, but a bit different from the usual crowd.  

We are proud of how our customer experience stands out. It is one of our key pillars and we are excited to release an enhanced experience in our online Corporate Suite. Our Product and Design teams have been putting a lot of love into this one. 

What do our customers love about the Hubpay Corporate Suite

  • Import all your beneficiaries in bulk. Say good-bye to the headache of transcribing the details of each beneficiary individually. This is helpful for customers that have many regular international payments, like overseas payroll. This also helps you avoid errors and lighten the workload of your team. 

  • Make payments to the same country in multiple currencies. Our payment flow is now slicker, cleaner and faster. You can now manage invoices across multiple currencies in one place. Do you want to send euros to Japan? You can do it! 

  • Live currency exchange rates. Transparently see the market movements in your account and calculate how much it will cost you to send money at any time. With our platform you can check our exchange rates live, putting the control in your hands.  

Multiple accounts. Multiple people. One convenient platform. 

Manage multiple Hubpay accounts. Now you can create and manage multiple Hubpay accounts under your name. Are you the UBO of multiple businesses? You can open an account for each business under your name. You can also own a Hubpay Personal account to benefit from great exchange rates for convenient personal remittances. 

Streamline payment approvals with your team. Add members of your team to your business account. Large companies can now embed their payment approval process in one secure, centralised platform.  

Flexibly book a rate, fund later. 

You asked, we listened! We created more flexible payment times so you can book your payment when the rate is strong, even when you don’t have the cashflow to make the payment yet. Book a cross-currency payment up to 48 hours before funding it. This is available 24/7 with next day and T+2 (two business days) settlement. Same day settlement is coming soon! 

We are bringing the future of FX services to the UAE. Explore our new website and experience the new journey in the Corporate Suite for yourself. At Hubpay, the growth of your business and your financial goals are our top priority. We work hard to help you achieve them. 

Optimized Payment Flow. 

To further enhance your cross-border financial transactions, we have streamlined our payment process. As a result, you can now seamlessly send selected currencies – GBP, EUR, and CHF – to any country worldwide. This opens up new possibilities for international payments, allowing you to send euros to Turkey, India, or Pakistan, for instance