Fueling Your African Expansion with Africa: Collect & Remit Solution

Embracing Africa's vibrant supply chains opens doors to immense potential, but navigating cross-border transactions can be a bumpy ride. Africa: Collect & Remit Solution smooths the road, empowering your company to thrive in this dynamic market. 

Say goodbye to payment complexities: We eliminate the headaches of local restrictions and ensure timely settlements. So, you can focus on building your African success story. 

Three steps to seamless African success: 

1. Collect Payments effortlessly: Gather funds from your local African bank account, directly from customers, or from suppliers. Our platform simplifies payment collection, keeping your cash flow moving freely. 

2. Repatriate Profits instantly: Transfer your collected funds to the UAE or anywhere in the world with ease. Our secure online platform and global network of partners ensure fast, reliable transfer, putting your hard-earned profits within reach. 

3. Manage finances with agility: Our FX Hub and Digital Wallet give you complete control. Hold multiple currencies, convert between them at competitive rates, and make international payments all from one convenient platform. 

Why choose Hubpay as your African payment partner? 

  • Speed: Enjoy T+1 settlement times for remittances to your local UAE bank account, keeping your cash flow smooth. 

  • Security: Rest assured knowing you're working with a fully licensed and regulated provider. We adhere to strict risk and compliance measures, safeguarding your every transaction. 

  • Transparency: Track your money every step of the way with detailed SWIFT payment receipts. 

  • Expert guidance: Leverage the expertise of your dedicated account manager to navigate currency fluctuations and optimize your financial strategy. 

  • Fund protection: All client funds are held in separate, secure accounts with licensed financial institutions, giving you complete peace of mind. 

  • Robust security: Advanced payment infrastructure, 2-factor authentication, and stringent approval policies protect your every transaction. 


Don't let cross-border complexities stall your African success. Africa: Collect & Remit Solution streamlines every step, from collection to remittance. Speak to a specialist today.