Hubpay's Collect & Remit Solution for UAE Companies doing business in Africa

Hubpay’s Collect & Remit Solution for UAE Companies

Hubpay’s Collect & Remit Solution for UAE Companies

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send money to the UAE
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In today's global business landscape, companies based in the UAE are increasingly expanding into new markets with Africa emerging as a hub of potential. While this presents a world of opportunities, it also introduces challenges, particularly in managing the international flow of funds. Cross-border payment and exchange services are crucial components of enabling UAE companies to do business with Africa. 

In this blog post we explore how Hubpay's Collect & Remit solution streamlines payments between the UAE and Africa. 

The Growing Importance of UAE-Africa Business Relations 

Africa is experiencing rapid economic growth and is a region ripe with potential for UAE companies. With a diverse range of industries, essential natural resources, and a burgeoning consumer market, Africa offers a wealth of opportunities for UAE businesses to explore. However, access to African markets can be limited by the ease and access to international payments and currency exchange. 

The Challenge of Cross-Border Payments 

The flow of payments between the UAE and Africa involves multi-currency transactions, cross-border regulations, complex banking and partner networks, and various payment methods. These intricacies often result in challenges such as: 

  • Currency Risk: Fluctuating exchange rates can lead to financial losses for UAE companies if not managed effectively. 

  • Payment Processing Fees: Cross-border payments often incur higher fees, which can affect profit margins. 

  • Payment Fraud: The risk of payment fraud is higher in international transactions, necessitating robust fraud prevention measures. 

  • Inefficient Payment Processing: Traditional methods of international payment processing are often slow and inefficient, impacting the timely settlement of transactions. 

  • Reconciliation Challenges: Keeping track of multiple transactions and ensuring they align with the company's books can be a time-consuming process. 

Hubpay's Collect & Remit Solution: A Game-Changer for UAE-Africa Trade 

Hubpay's Collect & Remit solution enables access to African markets by being a single provider for collecting, converting, and remitting funds from Africa to the UAE

  • Multi-Currency Payments: Hubpay's platform supports multi-currency payments, allowing UAE companies to transact in various African currencies efficiently. 

  • Secure Transactions: Hubpay employs advanced security protocols to ensure secure international payments, mitigating the risk of fraud. 

  • Efficient Payment Processing: The platform streamlines international payment processing, reducing the time required for transaction settlement. 

  • Global Payment Compliance: Hubpay ensures compliance with international payment regulations, providing a safe and reliable payment ecosystem. 

  • Automated Payments: Hubpay's automated payment solutions improve efficiency, allowing UAE companies to focus on their core operations. 


As UAE companies continue to explore opportunities in Africa, navigating the complex world of international payments becomes critical. Hubpay's Collect & Remit solution is at the forefront of providing international payment solutions that address the challenges faced by UAE businesses. By utilizing Hubpay's expertise, UAE companies can expand into Africa with confidence, making the most of the continent's potential while mitigating payment-related risks. 

By leveraging Hubpay's international payment solutions, UAE companies can ensure a smooth and profitable entry into the African market, unlocking a world of opportunities for global growth and success.